Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training-Ultra Advance Training-One to One

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$1,025.00 $550.00

  • Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training
  • One to one training
  • Covers every single options in primavera
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Free demo session
  • 20-hour training
  • 20-hour practice
  • Course Completion certificate

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Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training-Course that cover every single options in software

Everything you should know about Oracle Primavera P6


Tutomaash is going to launch a full fledge Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training. This will be instructor led training which will be taken online through any online meeting software’s.

This Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training complete course will cover every single topic in Primavera P6. This type of course is very unique and we challenge you to compare our course syllabus to any other training companies anywhere in the globe.


Oracle Primavera P6 – Instructor Led Training

Our instructor, Mr.Nikhil will be handling this unique online training on oracle Primavera P6. This course syllabus is designed in 2-modules. 1st module will cover step by step training on Primavera P6 which will help a beginner student to handle the software. 2nd module will cover every single tools that you see in Primavera P6. This will help user to understand the true purpose of the software and it help them to deliver the industry demands.

You can check out the linkedin recommendations of our instructor to see how people around the globe has responded to his unique teaching style

IF you would like to see the way we teach you can always check out our free self-training video tutorials on oracle Primavera P6 in youtube , this playlist have 10 videos that train Primavera P6 for free. Or if you are comfortable with self learning, we have video tutorials on Primavera P6 that go through 44 different topics in Primavera P6, it’s a complete training video package


Primavera P6 Training Step by Step

When you decided to learn any software you should learn its purpose step by step. When you refer any books you may be able to learn its tools but not its function for example, when you on work and you need to generate a complex report with some specific requirement. This requirement is called as function. Inorder to generate such report you need to go through some 10 tools in Primavera P6. So to do a single function you need to go through 10 tools. That’s the difference between function and tools.

Our training is function based. We explain the function and then teach you the tools and this special course is designed in such a way you will learn all functions and tools.

Primavera P6 Online Training Details

This course is online and you can have live interaction with the trainer. Let see more details on time cost and platform

Course Duration

Course duration of Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training is, Let say it 40 hour (20 hour training+20 hour practice)

This is what we planned but let me say you that this course is literally unlimited, it means course may consume more or less than 40 hours. It truly depends upon how interactive the session would be.

Course Fee

Course fee for Oracle Primavera ++P6 training is

Type of student Cost of training
Never used Primavera P6 before $550
Already using Primavera P6 $250


Our course fee is comparatively half the price, we request you to check out other training companies who deliver the same course as ours. Also if somebody offers you online training on Primavera P6 with a less cost than ours then please ask two question,

  1. will you cover every single options and tools in Primavera P6?
  2. Is your trainer have hands-on experience in any project using Primavera P6?

If you get an yes , then you can go with them, that’s what our confidence on our course

Support 24 X 7

If you have taken Oracle Primavera P6 Online Training or not, we at tuomaash are live 24×7 to attend any queries. So that even after the course you can post any sort of questions in our forum

Still got any questions, feel free to contact us [email protected] or login to

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