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Share your knowledge by an excellent method called teaching

Every industry is getting changed every day in some means, internet became a great technology that replaced many jobs. now our education system is getting ready to make a step forward by implementing online training technology, hopefully by 2020 we will see more people opting for online training instead of class room training. We at tutomaash is in a growing phase and we need many passionate educators to come forward and join to become a part of this movement. If you are an experienced user of any software, and you feel to work partime with tutomaash and to generate a decent revenue on each sales we make on your course, contact us right now. We will tell you a way to achieve this by generating good course contents.

How To Become A Teacher

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1. Get connect with us through email or over other social media platforms

2. Get trained from us on making quality contents

3. Make a course with good supporting slides

4. Send it us for review

5. After review we will upload it in our website

1. Every training videos should be between 5min-15min not more than it

2. No loose talks, straight to the topic

3. Each video should be rendered with HD quality 1920 X 1080

1. On each sale we make on your course, we will share 80% to you

2. Settlement will be done every month

3. Money will be transferred to your bank account or PayPal account